Avis Car Rental Terms and Conditions Uk

Rental recommended by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association – BVRLA copyright. Members may only use this document with the written permission of the BVRLA. If the portal indicates that no cars are available, please contact floridahelp@avisbudget.com for assistance with a reservation. The following information must be provided in your email: You will need a full driver`s license that covers the vehicle you are renting. For UK rentals, the licence must have been held for at least 12 months at the time of rental. For rentals in Ireland, customers must be eligible to hold a driving licence valid for 8 years, of which 2 years must have a full driving licence qualification. We have maintained the vehicle at least according to the standard recommended by the manufacturer. We assure you that the vehicle is in driving condition and suitable for rental at the beginning of the rental period. Even if you do not rent the vehicle for business purposes, we are responsible for losses caused by: • the vehicle that does not match our description; • the vehicle does not have the quality you would expect from a rental vehicle; • a vehicle that is not fit to drive; or that we do not have the legal right to rent the vehicle. We are liable if someone is injured or dies as a result of our negligence, act or omission. We are also liable for any loss you suffer as a result of our breach of this Agreement if the losses are a foreseeable consequence of a breach of contract by us.

Losses are foreseeable if they can be taken into account by you and us at the time of renting the vehicle. We are not responsible for indirect losses that occur as a side effect of the primary loss or damage and that are not foreseeable for you and us (e.g.B loss of profit or loss of opportunity). We must be satisfied with the coverage and insurance conditions, and you must not change them. We may ask your insurers to register our name as the owner of the vehicle. If the vehicle is damaged or stolen, let`s negotiate with the insurers if the vehicle can be repaired or what compensation we are entitled to. You are financially responsible for settling the entire claim and paying all costs if the policy you arrange fails and the vehicle is damaged, lost or stolen, or if a claim is made by another party. For UK rentals where drivers pay in cash or by credit card, the driver must have held a driving licence for at least 3 years and people under the age of 25 are subject to a surcharge for young drivers per day, currently from £39 TTC per day. For renting corporate accounts, please refer to your contract for the minimum age requirement.

All rental cars come with a full tank and must be refueled before returning to Avis, otherwise fuel charges will apply. You can also buy your fuel in advance. Please check with the Avis rental counter for more details on the prepaid fuel option. Prices are exclusive of VAT. Prices are correct at the time of posting – please confirm this with your local Avis location. Preferred Card Profiles Avis generally accepts up to 6 points for minor traffic violations such as speeding. If you have more than 6 penalty points, please check with our call center/rental location for more information. If you have a valid COMMUNITY driving licence and are visiting the UK, you can drive any vehicle as long as your driving licence is valid. The corresponding full authorisation for the vehicle you wish to drive must be indicated on your driving licence. Please visit the DVLA for more information.

New UK 2-Part Licence – Customers must present both parts of the new UK Dual Driving Licence at the time of rental. If only the photo portion of the driving licence is displayed, Avis will charge £5.00 to contact the DVLA to ensure the customer has the right to drive. This service is subject to DVLA`s opening hours. Credit card details are collected at the time of rental. A credit card from a major credit card company is required as collateral when renting a car and must be in the name of the primary driver. We cannot accept Electron or debit cards. Click on the links below for a user manual, additional contract details, in-state and non-state rental rates, FAQs, and a form to set up e-invoicing. By signing the form at the place where you rented the vehicle, you have accepted the conditions set out in this rental agreement. Please read this Agreement carefully. If there is something you do not understand or agree with, please ask a staff member at the place where you rented the vehicle.

You have the vehicle for the rental period specified in the contract. We may agree to extend this rental period, but the rental period must never exceed 30 days. Failure to return the vehicle on time will violate the terms of this Agreement. We can charge you any day or part of the day you have the vehicle after you should have returned it to us. Until we pick up the vehicle, we will charge you the daily rate, which will be published at the place where you rented the vehicle. Prices vary depending on the size of the vehicle. This will only be charged for the first 7 days of the rental. Premier coverage can be purchased at the rental location when you pick up your car. Reduces your deductible to £100, additional driver FREE. If you indicate in your Wizard/Preferred profile that you accept certain additional optional insurance when picking up your vehicle, these will be processed at the time of rental and are not included in this price, unless otherwise specified in the services included Baby seats are available at a fixed price of £11.60 ttc per rental (maximum number of days charged – 10 days) The preferred method, Booking a rental car is done through the Florida State Notice Budget Group portal. We make our Avis rental agreement as transparent and easy to understand as possible – so you can calculate the cost of your rental car at a glance and finally hit the road faster: – If we take out separate insurance, we will give you separate information about insurance coverage and applicable restrictions. In all other respects, the terms of our claims protection and insurance program apply.

By inserting your initials in the appropriate field above the page, you agree to the terms of our claims insurance and protection program. ** For rentals over a period of 4 weeks, mileage is limited to 2088 miles per rental. The only legally binding agreement is the one you must sign when picking up your vehicle. Be sure to take the time to review our lease and ask an employee if you`re not sure about anything. Before renting with us, please read the following documents and information: UK Rental Terms and Conditions for Rental Prestige rental in the UK Prestige Lease Agreements Terms and Conditions The State of Florida, Department of Management Services, has entered into a car rental agreement with Avis Budget Group, Inc. effective September 30, 2020. The contract offers services under two different brands: Avis and Budget, which should be used for USF business travel. USF travelers must use Worldwide Discount (AWD) Review code A113400 or Corporate Discount Budget (BCD) code T417600 for business rentals. These terms and conditions apply ONLY to Avis rentals in the UK. If the rental car is damaged, you are insured for the cost of repairing the Avis vehicle. However, you will have to pay an additional fee for the repair costs. This applies regardless of fault.

If we fill in the appropriate box above the site, you can take out your own insurance for the entire rental period, provided that you prove that this insurance is valid and have signed the confirmation via the site. We need to agree on the amount of coverage you have agreed, the type of policy and the insurer you choose. The rental vehicle is usually insured only for the person making the rental. If others plan to drive the car, they must be present at the time of rental to be added to the rental agreement, subject to the presentation of a full driver`s license that has been in possession for at least one year. There is a fee to cover the insurance for each additional driver during the rental period. Avis charges £11.60 incl. VAT per day, limited to 10 days (although subject to change without notice by Avis). Full terms and conditions can be found in www.avis.co.uk To expedite the booking and rental process, all USF business travelers are encouraged to sign up for the free Avis Preferred and Budget Fastbreak programs at the links below.

Опции доставки и возврата доступны на этой станции Бронировать и управлять арендой автомобиля стало еще легче и быстрее благодаря усовершенствованному мобильному приложению Avis. Укажите станцию аренды, используя форму поиска аренды автомобиля ниже. You or any other authorized driver may not use the vehicle for towing unless we have given you written permission. The vehicle may only be driven by you and another driver named on the Site or by someone else that we authorize in writing. Anyone driving the vehicle must have a fully valid driver`s license. You or any other authorized driver may not: • use the vehicle for commercial purposes; • use the vehicle for illegal purposes; • teach the vehicle for racing, pacemaker, vehicle reliability and speed tests or teach someone to drive; • use the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs; • drive the vehicle outside of England, Scotland and Wales, unless we have given you written permission; • load the vehicle beyond the manufacturer`s maximum weight recommendations and ensure that the load is securely secured; • If the vehicle is a commercial vehicle, use it for purposes for which you need a driver`s license if you do not have one. .