Afscme 31 Contract 2021

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Miley Worker is the recipient of a 2021 AFSCME National Family Scholarship and the daughter of Tim Worker, a member of AFSCME Executive Council 31 and President of Local 993. Members of Eastern Illinois University`s AFSCME Local 981 fought long and hard for a new union contract that would protect their jobs and increase their wages. We are stronger when we come together to make our voices heard. These locals worked together to negotiate fair contracts with their employers. This commemorative video of the AFSCME members we have lost since our last convention in 2019 was released at Congress on October 15, 2021 and features a great performance by Renee Barnes, who is on the staff of our international union. Last week, AFSCME members received a big boost in their “mailboxes” — the biggest tax cut for working families in American history is the newly expanded child tax credit, which is part of President Biden`s U.S. bailout. ==References=====External links===The Supreme Court refused to hear four cases seeking to broaden the scope of its 2018 judgment in Janus v. AFSCME Council 31. A year-long struggle to save Rock Island`s water utility ended with a victory for public works workers at AFSCME Local 988 when the city announced in September that it would abandon its privatization project. As a member of AFSCME Local 799 and a Madison County Probation Officer, this AFSCME member makes a difference every day. .

On the 29th. In December, arbitrator Edwin Benn ruled against AFSCME members in the state-level interest arbitration to require COVID vaccination for IDOC and IDJJ employees. State pension funds for teachers, state employees and university employees are healthier than they have been in years thanks to large returns on investment. . Being a member of AFSCME not only gives you an edge at the bargaining table, but also gives you access to discounts and benefits that can help make your life easier. Members of the Art Institute of Chicago Workers United (AICWU) are seeking a union difference with AFSCME. Their union vote is now underway, with postal voting set to take place in early January. This inspiring video captures the spirit of their organizational journey.

President Joe Biden signed on September 15. In November, the historic bipartisan infrastructure bill raised more than $17 billion for capital projects in Illinois. . AFSCME PEOPLE, our union`s political action fund, offers us the opportunity to unite to protect the benefits and rights we have gained in our workplaces and communities. . It`s been such a brutal year, but AFSCME has led every step of the way. Together, we will destroy this virus and return to normality. Be a hero – get your vaccine and add your photo to our vaccine hero wall! Life is better in a union. Having a voice at work means better pay, better health care, a more secure retirement, and more. It means having a say in security, personnel, and other important issues that help AFSCME members do their jobs and make America work. .

Growth is one of the most important tasks of AFSCME Council 31. In search of union difference, more than 1,500 workers have organized with AFSCME Council 31 since March 2020. During the state`s spring session, the afSCME Council 31 lobbying team successfully passed a bill to help Certified Licensed Practical Nurses (CNAs) from the Illinois Department of Corrections maintain their certification. Employees of the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC, the museum) and the School of the Art Institute (SAIC, the college) took another big step toward forming their union when they filed replacement petitions with the National Labor Relations Board. . AFSCME members worked hard to pass a plan that would support families through the largest child tax credit in U.S. history, allocating $350 billion to states, cities, towns, and schools. Getting vaccinated can prevent you from contracting COVID-19 and transmitting the virus to your colleagues and loved ones. Positive COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Illinois at a time when family and friends are gathering for the holidays.

The IDPH offers residents the opportunity to be tested, vaccinated or reinforced in their communities. “They desperately needed a performance and a seat at the table.” Three child protection specialists from the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services share their stories about protecting the well-being of vulnerable children despite the risks to their own health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fully vaccinated people are five times less likely to be infected, more than ten times less likely to die from COVID than unvaccinated people, and more than ten times less likely to be hospitalized. . AFSCME members have been at the forefront of this pandemic since day one and we are still strong. Don`t miss this video, which premiered on October 16 at council Convention 31. More than 300 employees of the Art Institute of Chicago form a union with AFSCME, the Art Institute of Chicago Workers United (AICWU). The announcement was made on August 3 in a public letter signed by 60 employees. . Under the motto “Better Together”, on 22.

BIENNIAL CONGRESS of the AFSCME Council 31 on all that has been achieved through solidarity over the past two years – and on the importance of remaining united to meet the challenges ahead. .